Friday, September 23, 2011

The A-List

These are the people so far who proudly hate cancer and love children with me:

Adam & Brigid Eshbaugh
Amber Robles
Amy Rosa
AnnMarie Marchese
April Schweitzer
Barbara Albro
Biff & Twana Saunders
Brooke Howells
Chris & Dianne Khin
Dan Cohen
Dan Wechsler

Dee Hoover
Diane Simon
Donna Wolcott
Gary Braswell
Gayle Yates
Hannah Rains
Heather Robertson
Jackie Knapp
James Strong
Jamie Holmes
Jen Ferrell
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Powell
Jennifer Morgan
Jo Garvin
Joan Murray
Joyce Saunders
Judy Old
Julie Waitt
Karen Connelly
Kate Merrick
Kate Woertman
Katie Pence
Katina Faulkner
Kay Niner
Kerrie Garman
Kim Gessner
Kristin Sullivan
Kristin DeAngelo
Laura Martin
Laurie Hooten
Melissa Amonette
Melissa Osborn
Morgan Adkins
Nick & Suzanne Warenzak
Nikki Holden
Nikki Zablocki
Priscilla Grow
Rebecca Floyd
Rebecca Smith
Robin Pittman
Salpi Kazezian
Samantha Saxenmayer
Scott & Emily Stamey
Stephanie White
Susan Elin
Susan Griffith
Susan Kochik
Suzanne Hopkins
Suzanne Temple
Taryn Jessup
Tina Brady

If you see any of these people around town, please make sure to give them a hug/a free taco/a good goose. Tell them you love what they are doing and have done for the bald kids. What are they doing, exactly?

They are donating! The Ultimate Hike is this weekend and I'm completely freaking out because it's 28.3 miles in one day and I'm so excited. Really. Not nervous at all.

I haven't even burned any avocados this past week. Turns out, I sprained my ankle during that last big hike and the doc says to ice, elevate, medicate, wrap, rest. I'm all over the medicate part, but the rest is a lot easier said than done. My kids like to unwrap the Ace bandage whenever I'm not limping after them. But I've gotten a stronger brace and some more meds and I'm totally going to go pee in the woods, just like I promised.

It could be completely healed before I go. Miracles do happen. Like the fact that Eve didn't even get kicked out of dance class last week, but perhaps that's because she made me go sit in the van for an hour. Because my presence is not requested. Do not RSVP. Do not collect $200.

And no good deed goes unpunished. Luck would have it that as I turned on the car briefly to roll down the window, I somehow got distracted (Me, you say? Surely I jest!) and didn't realize the car was still on.

Really, I didn't realize it was on. I keep the radio off because I like to pretend I'm thinking and the air off because, well, I just rolled down the window. Without turning the car off.

I'm glad Eve was a "totally different kid" when I left. I'm glad she enjoyed herself and wants to go back. I'm also glad a friend came and jump started the van at the end of the hour.

I hope there will be people at the Ultimate Hike Saturday with jumper cables in case my battery dies on the trail.

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