Wednesday, June 22, 2011


What I'm about to say, I cannot unsay, so here goes:

I'm going to train for a hike.

I've never hiked before. The closest I've come is peeing in the woods when the port-a-johns were extra-questionable.

I'm telling you this because now that I've put it out there, I have to see it through.

[breaks into cold sweat]

I'll be participating in the Ultimate Hike this fall to benefit CureSearch. You can check out my page here [shameless plug for donations].

Who's gonna join me? Do it for the bald kids, and come pee in the woods with me.


  1. I will pee in the woods with you. :P

  2. Yeah!!!! You Go - but remember not to wipe with poison ivy leaves. They can have either 3 or 5 leaves. You can google to figure out what they look like, if you don't already know. Put some toilet paper in your pocket or your pack ;)
    Good luck with the donations. After I take my Subaru to the garage today, I'll see if I have anything left. It is making the worst noise and does not drive at all like it should.
    Tammy - mom to James