Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eve was here.

This face tells you...

Someone is happy to tell on his little sister. Like, beyond happy.

Texas sheet cake, 4/1/11-4/2/11. You will be missed.

Seriously, what is up with Eve and destroying chocolate cake first thing in the morning? I can't even get mad. It's much better than chocolate cake in my ear.

Nat is tracked out for a few weeks and has entered her third Mommy's Cooking Camp. She was more than excited because this is the track out that she gets to crack eggs.

Cracking eggs is apparently a really big deal. She cracked five eggs for some banana bread and miraculously did not get any shells into the batter. To celebrate, she decided we needed to add nuts to the bread. (Because they are yummy and they are good for you, too!) Then she decided we needed to add chocolate. (In case we want to eat it for dessert!) Then she decided we needed to add white chocolate. ( this good for you? Do you have anything else we can add? Are we out of chocolate yet?)

Well, I'm afraid to add too much chocolate, Nat. Lord only knows what Eve may do to it.

After that was out of the oven, Eve immediately smelled the chocolate and headed over to make another mess. I decided to let her help make some banana bread french toast as a distraction. Unfortunately, she's not as good with the egg shells as Nat is, but with the crunchy nuts in the bread, no one really knew the difference.

Natalie can't get enough cook-time in the kitchen. She looked through one of my cookbooks and declared, "I want to make Lemon Chicken with Olives." I was really thinking she was going to say pancakes or chicken tenders, but lemon chicken with olives it is.

She really loves working with raw meat, raw eggs, or anything that might make you sick.

When are they old enough to use a chef's knife and pull things out of the oven? Is that next track out? If I can get her to fix dinner and do the laundry, I'll be much more productive somehow. I promise.

But it's not all cooking all the time; there are also swimming lessons. She's kind of excited about them.

There's a lot of chlorine. I mean, enough chlorine that my nose burns when I walk in the place. And there's a lot of pollen outside. So I'm not sure if her eyes look this way from the chlorine, the pollen, or maybe she's gotten pink eye.

But she looks chronically sad. Like she's lost her best Texas sheet cake.

Happy to report no fingers were lost when using the pizza cutter to make homemade corn chips.

I'm not sure why we were making homemade corn chips. Maybe because we like to make life more complicated.

But the biggest news in the Griffith house is that Eve is finally peeing in the potty. The other number, not so much. Like I said, we like to keep life complicated. But number one, I'll take. And how do we celebrate? I'd say with chocolate cake, but since there's none of that left...

How about some toilet paper confetti?

Eve can't write yet, but she definitely knows how to convey, EVE WAS HERE.


  1. Eve Griffith + Kate Mangual = Total Annihilation

  2. Looks like a fun couple of days :)