Monday, March 28, 2011

This week in pictures

There are toys everywhere. Instead of cleaning them up and reducing the risk that you may trip, fall, and sustain a head injury, Eve takes the alternative route.

She also enjoys digging through the dress-up box to dress up like Mommy. Because, you know, this is exactly what I look like everyday around the house.

(Although I'd be lying if I told you I haven't left the house with two unmatched shoes.)

This is something else she sees me doing: cleaning. All the time. Yes, that's where she gets it from.

I'm okay if you're judging me that my 3-year-old is scrubbing my shower. But I'd prefer it if you judge me instead on the strange orange substance that very well may have been something like Actinomycin-E growing on the shower floor that I selfishly had my daughter clean instead of sending it to a laboratory. We'll never know what cancer we could have cured.

Daniel's hair is growing back. I'm sure bed-head is just around the corner...

But hopefully not his first Halloween as Gene Simmons.

Natalie wrote a list of things she needed to buy and send to Japan.

(She originally came downstairs with a bag full of washcloths, a half bar of soap, two toothbrushes belonging to her siblings, and a comb that her grandmother had left at our house.)

Nat also told me I needed to pledge $350 to her school's Boosterthon Fun Run in addition to buying her some $50 sneakers that light up.

The good news is that I did buy her list of items for Japan. The bad news is, her new sneakers do not require batteries.

Here is Nat running lap 29 out of 35 in the Fun Run. Unfortunately for the kids, it was only 40 degrees outside. Fortunately for me, I left off a zero in my pledge amount.

And here is Eve giving Nat an enthusiastic high-five. "Keep up the good work. But please keep running, because it's cold standing still watching you."

We babysat one of Eve's friends on Saturday. The girls got "pretty." You know, the kind of pretty when they ask you how they look and you just say, "Wow. You really did that. That's a lot of pink eye shadow."

Then I went and bought the world's biggest beef log.

We made cheeseburgers (in paradise) with the meat, only after Matt was finished chasing people around the house with it, of course. Then we went to a surprise party on Sunday for a friend who loves Jimmy Buffett and penguins.

And yes, that penguin can't hold his tequila.

Now, you're all caught up. Shower slime, beef logs, and fundraising. Just another week in the Griffith house.


  1. Great pictures... Beautiful kids!!

  2. Sounds awesome...when can I book my stay and what are your weekly rates? :D

  3. I won't judge you on the 3 year old cleaning your shower as long as you loan her out.
    she takes payment in dum-dums right?

    BTW - her hair is looking so awesome!